Patient - Page - How to User - Instructions for Use

Step-by-step instructions

  • 1. SEE

    • You should see a green bar or a number in the dose-counting window
      • This tells you Lazanda is ready to use
  • 2. REMOVE

    • Remove the protective cap and hold the bottle between your thumb and fingers
  • 3. INSERT

    • Insert the bottle tip into one nostril about half an inch, tilting it towards the bridge of your nose
    • Close off your other nostril with 1 finger

    • Press down on the bottle finger grips until you HEAR a CLICK
      • This tells you the full spray has been released from the bottle
    • Breathe in gently through your nose and out through your mouth once after spraying
    • You may not feel the spray go into your nose. This is normal
    • Avoid blowing your nose for at least 30 minutes after each treatment
  • 5. SEE

    • After each spray, the number in the counting window will increase by 1
      • This also tells you a spray has been given

Simple steps to help you remember

For complete instructions on how to take Lazanda, including Lazanda preparation, storage, and disposal, download and read the Lazanda Medication Guide. Also, be sure to watch the informative, step-by-step video here.

One spray at a time

spray in 1 nostril
Start with one 100 mg dose in 1 nostril.

spray in 1 nostril
If you are not getting relief, your healthcare provider may adjust your dose. Always follow his or her instructions.
  • If you are instructed to take 2 sprays, spray ONCE into each nostril. Never spray more than once into 1 nostril
  • You must never use more than 2 sprays (1 spray in each nostril) for an episode of breakthrough cancer pain (BTPc)

You must wait 2 hours before treating a new episode of BTPc.

If your healthcare provider has prescribed a second spray, repeat the steps above, spraying into the other nostril.

Storing Lazanda

Store Lazanda in a safe place, in the child-resistant container and pouch, and keep it away from children and anyone for whom it has not been prescribed.

Store Lazanda at temperatures up to 77°F or 25°C. Do not freeze Lazanda, and keep it away from light.

Disposing of Lazanda

Throw away the Lazanda bottle if you have used 8 sprays from the bottle or it has been 60 days or longer since you first used the bottle.

Before you throw away the Lazanda bottle, you must empty all remaining medicine into the disposal pouch. This is to protect others, especially children, from harm.

If you see a number other than 8 in the counting window, this means that there are still doses of Lazanda in the bottle.

For detailed directions on disposing of unused Lazanda, please refer to the Medication Guide or the Lazanda Instructional Video here.