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How Lazanda works

using Lazanda

Lazanda is a fine, gentle, non-irritating mist that is sprayed into the nose for relief of breakthrough cancer pain (BTPc) in adults. Lazanda is known as a TIRF, or a Transmucosal Immediate-Release Fentanyl medication.

Fentanyl is an opioid that decreases the feeling of pain. It is one of the most common medications for treating BTPc.

Take Lazanda exactly as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

You must not take more than 1 dose of Lazanda for each episode of breakthrough cancer pain. You must wait two hours before treating a new episode of breakthrough cancer pain with Lazanda.

Nasal delivery of fentanyl

The lining of your nasal passages (mucosa) are thin and have many blood vessels, making nasal delivery an efficient way to get medicine into your bloodstream.1,2

Lazanda provides pain relief within minutes and over time for patients with BTPc.3,4

Results from a clinical study of patients with BTPc taking Lazanda:

  • Overall pain intensity was reduced within 30 minutes compared with patients taking a placebo3,4
  • Pain was reduced for some patients in as early as 5 minutes4
  • Pain relief lasted for at least an hour4

Lazanda can cause life-threatening breathing problems that can lead to death:

  • Do not take Lazanda if you are not opioid tolerant. (Opioid tolerant means that you are already taking other opioid (narcotic) pain medicines around the-clock for your cancer pain and your body is used to these medicines).
  • If you stop taking your around the-clock opioid pain medicine for your cancer, you must stop taking Lazanda. You may no longer be opioid tolerant. Talk to your healthcare provider about how to treat your pain.

With some TIRF medications that are taken by mouth, part of the medication may be swallowed. This means that it could take a long time for the medication to be absorbed and may cause unwanted side effects. Oral medications for BTPc may also be hard to take for people with dry mouth or mouth irritation caused by some cancer treatments.5,6

Lazanda goes where you do

Lazanda is convenient to carry, easy to store, and always at hand—ready to use according to your healthcare provider’s instructions. And to make it even easier for you to benefit from Lazanda, our Signature Support™ program can help with your prescription every step of the way.

ninety percent satisfaction
  • *Study description: a multicenter, open-label extension study assessing the safety and tolerability of Lazanda in 356 patients on background opioids who were experiencing 1 to 4 daily episodes of moderate to severe BTPc.