Transmucosal fentanyl: the advantages of nasal delivery

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Do not take Lazanda:

  • if you are not opioid tolerant.
  • if you have short-term pain that you would expect to go away in a few days, such as: pain after surgery, headache or migraine, or dental pain;
  • if you are allergic to fentanyl or any of the ingredients in Lazanda.
Lazanda nasal spray
Lazanda is the only fentanyl nasal spray available.

Help for your breakthrough cancer pain

Lazanda is a nasal spray containing fentanyl (a type of pain medicine called an opioid). It is used to manage breakthrough cancer pain (BTPc) in adults with cancer (18 years of age and older) who are already routinely taking other opioid pain medicines around the clock for their underlying cancer pain.